Multi-mode signaling tester for 2G to 4G-LTE -

Multi-mode signaling tester for 2G to 4G-LTE

The MD8475A signaling tester from Anritsu is for a range of applications and operating systems on the latest high-speed, multi-mode LTE devices.

It has the ability to simulate 2G, 3G, LTE and mixed-generation wireless networks, and enables device manufacturers to conduct end-to-end testing of applications that run on these networks. An enhanced wireless network simulator graphical user interface enables multi-mode, dual-cell capability, including handovers between 2G, 3G, and LTE.

Since it is Windows 7-based, server applications can be installed into the MD8475A, for one-instrument, end-to-end application testing. Up to eight external servers can be simultaneously linked to the MD8475A through Ethernet connection, as well.
A multi-format signaling tester, the MD8475A can test multi-mode wireless devices, including GSM/GPRS/E-GPRS, 1xRTT, 1xEV-DO, W-CDMA/HSPA, TD-SCDMA, and FDD-LTE. The highest speed commercially available (Category 3) LTE devices can be tested with the MD8475A, with downlink IP-layer throughput to 100 MB/s (including 2×2 MIMO) and uplink throughput to 50 MB/s.

The MD8475A enables test of many types of mobile device applications ranging from traditional SMS/MMS, browsing, and streaming, to advanced applications, such as augmented reality and real-time multi-player gaming. Since high data rate applications have the potential to drain an LTE device’s battery very quickly, the MD8475A enables easy testing on the effect of advanced applications on a device’s battery performance.

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