Multi-port hub lets users share various USB peripherals -

Multi-port hub lets users share various USB peripherals

Consumers wanting to share connected peripheral devices between two discrete platforms have had to resort to expensive networking solutions or cumbersome cables. Thanks to SMSC's USB MultiSwitch Hub, USB devices can now be shared simply, easily, and inexpensively.

The hub, dubbed USB2524, lets users connect and share USB peripherals between two discrete platforms. It leverages the connectivity inherent in USB certified devices and systems and extends that to a new generation of USB devices that can be shared. With the USB MultiSwitch, OEMs can offer consumers freedom mixing and matching systems and peripherals that can be connected and shared with one another.

The 4-port USB MultiSwitch acts as two independently controllable USB2.0 hubs in one package with the ability to electronically reassign and reconfigure any of its four downstream ports to either of its two upstream USB ports. This allows two USB hosts to share peripherals and to dynamically reconfigure them. Users can switch a peripheral from one host to the other on-the-fly and the peripheral will automatically detach from one host and attach to the other.

Any configuration of the downstream ports is possible except simultaneous connection to both upstream ports. The SMSC 4-Port USB MultiSwitch is fully compliant with the USB2.0 Specification and will attach to either or both upstream USB hosts as a full-speed or full/hi-speed hub. The four downstream hub ports support low-speed, full-speed and hi-speed (if operating as a hi-speed hub) downstream devices on all of the enabled downstream ports.

Samples of the USB MultiSwitch are available now with production quantities available in third quarter. The price is $3.75 per unit in OEM quantities. Additional information is available at

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