Multi-turn encoders are built for harsh environments -

Multi-turn encoders are built for harsh environments

Sensata Technologies announced the availability of the MHM5 and MHK5 absolute multi-turn encoders with either Ethernet/IP or ProfiNet interfaces for Factory 4.0 applications. They are available in shafted (MHM5) and blind-shaft (MHK5) configurations for greater design flexibility. These devices are designed to withstand shock and vibration and are sealed against harsh environments.

The MH encoders provide up to 16 bits per turn and 14 bits of turns counting and come in compact packaging, which provides for easy integration into existing designs. An operating temperature range of −40°C to 85°C and an IP65 rating make them suited for a variety of industrial applications.

The encoder design includes a geared turns counter that is immune to electrical and magnetic interference, said Sensata. Standard features include reverse polarity and short-circuit protection.

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