Multicore developer platforms uses TI DSPs and Xilinx FPGA -

Multicore developer platforms uses TI DSPs and Xilinx FPGA


The first product in Sundance's family of multicore developer platforms (Sundance MDP) is the EVP6472-941 targeted at high intensity processing applications.

Early adopter applications include digital recording, software defined radio (SDR), software reconfigurable applications in signals intelligence (SIGINT) and military communications (MILCOM) platforms.

The  EVP6472-941 features two Texas Instruments (TI) TMS320C6472 multicore DSPs with twelve TMS320C64x+ processor cores clocked at 500MHz for real time processing tasks.  

A Xilinx Virtex-5 FX30T FPGA provides the co-processor, with an embedded PowerPC440 processor core and a quad channel 14-bit ADC sampling at up to 250 MSPS.  The EVP6472-941 offers two DDR2 SDRAM memory banks of 256MB assessable by each C6472 processor.

The EVP6472-941 is supplied with a board support package including the USB drivers, software functions and API for Windows.  TI’s Code Composer Studio 4.x is supplied free of charge with the XDS100 USB JTAG emulator for the C6472 DSP processor.  Xilinx ISE development software can be downloaded from to target the Virtex-5 FX30T FPGA.

A range of third party design tools for TI DSP and Xilinx’s FPGA also support the EVP6472-941; including 3L’s Diamond Multiprocessor Tool-Suite, RTW-EC and HDLCoder from The MathWorks, VHDL and Verilog support from EDA vendors, and Co-Developer and a growing range of IP-Cores from Impulse.

General purpose input/output (GPIO) connectors are available with the EVP6472-941.  Sundance Local Bus (SLB) interface to customize input/output (I/O) signals, four RS-232 ports, Gigabit Ethernet connection, LVTTL lines for synchronization, MicroSD Flash socket as an extension of the on-board flash memories and JTAG headers to enable DSP and FPGA debugging.

Pricing starts at $5,995.


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