MULTIMEDIA: Development kit builds on Mobilic MPU -

MULTIMEDIA: Development kit builds on Mobilic MPU


Shanghai, China — Hoping to build momentum for its multimedia processor line, Mobilic Technology Corp. is offering a reference design platform to engineers interested in building portable systems that support pictures, video encode/ decode, MP3, Java games and Web browsing. The MDK730 development kit is built around Mobilic's MP730, an ARM926EJ-based multimedia processor that targets systems for which performance and network connectivity trump concerns over power consumption, such as Internet Protocol cameras, security cameras and digital camcorders.

Mobilic's MDK730 includes a complete set of reference design board schematics, a Gerber file, standard reference software and a software development kit. The reference design board (12 x 8.5 cm) includes a multimedia board, a numeric keypad, a 2.2-inch 320 x 240-pixel TFT LCD and a 1.3-Mpixel image sensor.

Mobilic engineers have ported Linux to the MP730 and have developed applications for optical character recognition, limited face recognition and voice to text. “It took us three months to build the OS from scratch–normally, it takes at least six months, and that's without talking about application software, which we also did,” said CEO Joseph Jiang.

Facial recognition is generating interest among customers designing cell phones, Jiang said. “We've already seen it in electronic toys, where maybe a few faces are remembered.” In a cell phone, he said the technology “would be used for security.”

The MDK730 development kit is available for $990.

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