Multimedia processor enables longer play time -

Multimedia processor enables longer play time


Philips' Nexperia mobile multimedia processor PNX0103 facilitates high-speed download of content to mobile phones and portable flash storage devices, while minimizing power consumption and increasing battery life on-the-move. The company claims that the part enables up to 100 hrs. of uninterrupted audio playback on an MP3 player.

The PNX0103 supports Microsoft's PlaysForSure standard and contains various hardware features with corresponding software modules that enhance security and allow the implementation of various digital rights management (DRM) schemes.

The IC incorporates a Hi-Speed USB On-The-Go (OTG) controller that enables fast and efficient data transfer between the media player and other USB peripherals. It's also equipped with interfaces to 802.11 b/g or Bluetooth modules.

The PNX0103 supports various capacities of single- and multi-level cell NAND flash memory from most vendors. The built-in dedicated NAND controller enables secure download and execution of program code for DRM, as well as fast read/write of multimedia content.

The first samples of the Philips Nexperia mobile multimedia processor PNX0103 are available now. More information is located at

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