Multimedia suite speeds automotive infotainment design -

Multimedia suite speeds automotive infotainment design


QNX Software Systems has announced an automotive-grade middleware solution that it says will allow infotainment designers to integrate consumer devices such as iPods into vehicles while ensuring a simplified and seamless end-user experience. The product, called the QNX Aviage multimedia suite, provides a complete set of functions to identify, connect, organize, play, and record from multiple media sources.

Digital media jukebox functions include audio play and record, media organization, and identify-and-connect capabilities. Content navigation is simplified by assigning a unique identifier to any CD, USB flash disk, or audio stream and automatically synchronizing the content on that media source with a customizable, automotive-hardened database.

“Session management” support allows multiple independent users, with multiple device types, and with multiple playback and record paths. In addition to standard digital audio capabilities such as trick play and scan mode, the QNX Aviage multimedia suite also supports time-shifting (i.e., pausing live radio), multi-view content presentation (shared screen), and other advanced features.

The suite can also support content recording in a variety of scenarios. It can rip content from one media source to a car's hard drive while allowing users to listen to content from another source, or allow users to simultaneously play and record content from the same media.

The QNX Aviage multimedia solution runs on a variety of 32-bit CPUs and DSPs, including ARM9+, SH-4+, PowerPC processors, and TI OMAP, and on specific automotive-grade hardware platforms from Freescale, Renesas, Texas Instruments, and Intel.

The QNX Aviage multimedia suite will be available in December.

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Product literature:
QNX Multimedia product brief (PDF)
White paper: Software Design Choices for Multimedia-Enabled Devices

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