Multimeter uses iPhone and iPad for data storage -

Multimeter uses iPhone and iPad for data storage

The iDVM digital multimeter from Redfish Instruments Inc. wirelessly connects to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch via an ad hoc wireless network allowing users to acquire, visualize, and share electrical measurement data on their Apple devices.

The iDVM app can be downloaded free from the Apple App Store and the iDVM, priced at $220.00 , will begin shipping in June 2011.

Multimeters do not provide an easy method of exporting or saving data but the iDVM permits a user to log data over an extended period of time using the iPhone or the iPad as the storage device.

Service engineers could use the iDVM to collect data and store it in a report for submission to their clients, or keep the data on the voltmeter for their own records. Using the GeoTag feature of the iPhone or iPad, service engineers can even identify their location as part of the data.

The iDVM could be used by a range of users—from automotive technicians, to advanced embedded systems engineers, to electrical or building contractors, to field service workers.  

Redfish believes the iPhone and iPad provide a known user interface that permits customers to interact with electronic test and measurement tools that was not previously possible.

Redfish Instruments
is based in Santa Cruz, Calif.

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