Multiport midspans are compatible with Gigabit systems -

Multiport midspans are compatible with Gigabit systems


Designed for power-over-Ethernet (PoE) applications, especially those that operate with Gigabit systems, the Phihong multiport midspan power injector is available in 1-, 8-, 16-, and 24-port versions. A midspan is used to implement PoE into an existing network where power can be inserted on the spare pair. The low-cost midspan is unique in that it's not limited to working only on 10baseT or 100baseT systems. Hence, it's suited for applications like broadband wireless, yet doesn't compromising the data rate. According to the company, the high-speed midspans offer full 15.4 W per port at a cost that's 40% lower than competitor solutions.

The enterprise midspan can upgrade an existing architecture with total output power up to 370 W. The midspan provides full power to all ports, so there's no need for calculating which devices to connect. Each midspan comes with software to control and monitor each port along with full power management capability for load shedding in back-up power conditions. Pricing for the 24-port midspans start at $295 in OEM quantities. More information is available at

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