Multiprocessor Systems -

Multiprocessor Systems

This paper discusses various approaches that can be taken when designing a multiprocessor system. Topics to be covered include how to segment the work load, what architecture to select, and other related problems that are encountered.

The subject of Multiprocessor Systems encompasses many areas. To limit this presentation to something reasonable, and to better target the audience I have made a number of assumptions. The Systems to be discussed are embedded systems and therefore dedicated. They are designed to operate on one type of problem only. Accordingly, these systems will never run Pac-man or DBASE III like a general purpose desktop P.C. so there will be no emphasis on building a general purpose machine.

Options like disk drives, time-of-day clocks or color monitors will not be used unless the specific application requires it. The machines will be designed to maximize performance, minimize fabrication costs, and create a system that is easy to bring up and maintain.

ESC_1991_Vol2_Page413_Sell – Multiprocessor Systems.pdf

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