Multiservice controllers scale to 200 wireless access points, thousands of users -

Multiservice controllers scale to 200 wireless access points, thousands of users


The InMotion MultiService Controller 5500 (MSC-5500) is engineered for large campus and enterprise deployments and scales to 200 wireless access points serving thousands of users. A lower-end version, the MSC-5200, is for small offices and remote locations, with the ability to support up to 25 wireless access points and hundreds of users.

The MSC-5200 is a 1U rack-mount system with 10/100 Ethernet ports and integrates into an existing Ethernet backbone infrastructure. The MSC-5500 is also a 1U rack-mount system with gigabit Ethernet ports.

The two controllers help reduce the costs and technical complexity associated with building and maintaining a separate wireless switch overlay network. They're built with company's TriPlane architecture, which enables the system to deliver over a 5X improved scalability of managed wireless access points over conventional WLAN switches. Part of Colubris Unified Services Network vision, the InMotion MSC family unifies the wireless and wired networks into one easy to manage and operate network.

The MSCs work with existing LAN switches, enabling the delivery of multiple services, voice, data, and video, over a single wireless infrastructure with distributed intelligence wireless network. The family includes support for a suite of services, including voice over WLAN, fast roaming, guest/public access and plug-and-play services. More services are coming over the next 12 months.

Prices for the MSC-5500 and MSC-5200 are $15,999 and $4799, respectively. For more information, visit the company at

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