Multitasking with Multiple Processors -

Multitasking with Multiple Processors


The popularity of distributed architectures for computer systems of all types has been rapidly rising. In real-time embedded systems, in particular, it can be argued that configurations consisting of multiple processors are particularly suitable for certain applications. 

Such architectures allow a heavy workload to be distributed between several processors, thus keeping each individual processor more accessible for the devices it is expected to service or control.

When multiple processor systems are designed correctly, responsiveness can be improved and complexity on each individual processor diminished, resulting in systems that are more robust and more easily maintained. This workshop will focus on techniques for designing, implementing. and debugging real-time embedded systems based on multiple processors. Issues concerning implementing and troubleshooting a multitasking system which extends across several tightly- or loosely-coupled processors will be particularly emphasized.

ESC_1991_Vol1_Page370_Occhipinti – Multitasking with Multiple Processors.pdf

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