My fuel gauge doesn't work -

My fuel gauge doesn’t work

My iPod is pretty old, maybe four years. Unfortunately, it has a part that wears out—the battery. It's probably possible to replace the battery, but it's unlikely that too many people do that. For a self-proclaimed Tear Down expert like myself, it should be a piece of cake. But that's not where the problem lies with my iPod.

The battery doesn't appear to have lost much life. I still get roughly four or five hours from a charge. That's pretty good, considering its age. The part that does seem to have worn down, however, is the fuel gauge. It no longer accurately depicts the amount of remaining battery life.

The gauge seems to remain on full (or nearly full) for an extended period, then jump to nearly empty, with no time between. But even when it says it's on empty, it's really not. At the critical stage, when the battery icon turns from green to red, I still get about an hour of life from the player.

So what gives? I know that the gauge might be having trouble tracking the worn out battery, but the battery does appear to be worn out. Maybe it's just Apple's way of telling me that it's time to break down and get a new iPod. But why does anyone need more than 2 Gbytes?

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