NAG C/C++ Library adds 150 new functions -

NAG C/C++ Library adds 150 new functions


Oxford, UK – The NAG C Library, the largest commercially available collection of numerical algorithms for C and C++, has been expanded by the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) with the addition of over 150 functions for a total of well over 1300 user-callable functions, many of which are key to embedded products development, chip design, and other areas of electronics research.

The new release of The NAG Library includes two new chapters on wavelet transforms and global optimization. A new sub-chapter has also been introduced on option pricing. Enhancements have been made in the areas of statistics, optimization, linear algebra, ordinary differential equations, regression, random numbers, sorting, and special functions.

NAG offers powerful optimization techniques and broad environment support. NAG also enables the use of both serial and parallel processor based numerical computation. The mathematical and statistical functions of the NAG Library are rigorously tested and extensively documented.

With origins in several UK universities, the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG), is an Oxford, UK headquartered, not-for-profit numerical software development organization that collaborates with world-leading researchers and practitioners in academia and industry.

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