NAG enhances Fortran Builder checking compiler -

NAG enhances Fortran Builder checking compiler

The NAG Fortran Builder 5.2  Fortran checking compiler from Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) features a virtually complete implementation of the latest Fortran 2003 standard and an integrated development environment.

Fortran users do not always consider that they ought not to depend on a single compiler, which may be set to sacrifice accuracy, standards-conformance and portability in exchange for speed. NAG’s Fortran Builder is a checking compiler available which is exact in the interpretation of Fortran standards and incorporates run-time checking features.

The include procedure interface checking across multiple files, undefined variable trapping, and memory leak detection

NAG Fortran Builder is for the Microsoft Windows environment and provides a Fortran-aware editor, build system, GUI debugger and help system for Fortran. The NAG Fortran Compiler is also available for other platforms.

Features added to the NAG Fortran Compiler features include more information, including line number, displayed in runtime messages as well as real and complex Quad precision. An I/O library is provided for multi-threaded for performance and an improved random number generator included.

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