Nallatech helps design Northrop Grumman test platform -

Nallatech helps design Northrop Grumman test platform


LONDON — Nallatech is collaborating with Northrop Grumman Corp Space Technology sector on a test platform for space borne processing.

The one year contract, worth $2.1million, saw to Nallatech's (Glasgow, Scotland) field application engineers and technical specialists supporting Northrop Grumman Space Technology systems engineers in creating an FPGA platform that provided a test-bed for their satellite applications.

The system was built around multiple cPCI cards and chassis, with a custom I/O card providing a total of 16Gbit/second of bandwidth between units. The application uses Nallatech’s BenERA, BenDATA-II, BenDATA-WS, BenBLUE-II and BenPRO hardware products to provide specific amounts of processing through Xilinx FPGAs as well as extensive memory capability. The architecture was designed to make the FPGA the main processing engine.

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