Nallatech kit for DSP applications development -

Nallatech kit for DSP applications development


LONDON — Nallatech has developed the Xilinx XtremeDSP Pro kit, a DSP development platform for high-performance signal processing applications such as software defined radio, networking, HDTV, 3G wireless, and video processing applications.

The kit has been developed in partnership with Xilinx and continues the programme for providing DSP development platforms based around Nallatech's DIME-II systems architecture for high-performance FPGA systems. It enables designers to implement both signal processing algorithms and control functions using the embedded IBM Power PC 405 processor.

The development kit combines with Xilinx' System Generator v6.3 software to provide a design framework for FPGA and DSP designers, allowing partial or entire systems to run on hardware.

The kit includes an on-board user-programmable Xilinx XC2VP30 FPGA on the Nallatech BenADDA-Pro DIME-II module, which has two 14-bit ADC channels capable of sampling rates of 105MSPS per channel, and two 14-bit DACs with 160 MSPS per channel sampling. It is supplied with the Nallatech BenONE DIME-II motherboard, which supports both PCI and USB interface performance via a pre-configured Spartan-II FPGA. The XtremeDSP Pro kit is also supplied with Nallatech's FUSE system software for hardware management and control.

As part of the XtremeDSP Pro kit's support for Xilinx System Generator v6.3, the kit also supports the hardware co-simulation capability of system generator, which enables users to carry out bitwise FPGA design verification in hardware. In addition with the Xilinx Virtex-II Pro, developers can use the embedded PowerPC processor, via the Xilinx EDK software, to implement functions traditionally implemented within conventional DSP/RISC processors.

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