Napatech launches 100 Gbps Accelerator -

Napatech launches 100 Gbps Accelerator


Napatech 's NT100E3-1-PTP accelerator supports 100 Gbps Ethernet. The 100 Gbps accelerator is designed to help network equipment manufacturers' applications run faster than the networks they manage and protect, while reducing time-to-market and risk.


  • Packet capture and analysis of 100 Gbps Ethernet
  • Intelligent features accelerate application performance with extremely low CPU load
  • Time-stamping of every Ethernet frame with nanosecond resolution
  • Flexible support of multiple time synchronization schemes including IEEE1588-2008 Precision Time Protocol (PTP)
  • Real-time monitoring of temperature, voltage and power consumption enables immediate corrective action and assures reliability
  • Heat exhausts on the front of the accelerator, double cooling and a rigid housing ensure a consistent temperature in the most demanding environments
  • Fully PCIe Gen3 compliant in one slot

Napatech accelerators enable high performance network appliances for:

  • Telecom network management
  • Quality of experience optimization
  • Financial latency measurement
  • Cyber defense

Napatech will debut the 100 Gbps accelerator at Cisco Live in San Francisco, USA from May 18-22

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