NASA looks to VTI for space vehicle testing -

NASA looks to VTI for space vehicle testing

VTI Instruments Corp. (Irvine, Calf.) is working with M+P International Inc. to provide a dynamic signal analysis (DSA) instrumentation solution for NASA Plum Brook's Reverberant Acoustic Test Facility (RATF).

RATF houses the world's largest Space Environment Simulation Chamber and will use VTI's VT1432B digitizer plus DSP, along with integrated arbitrary waveform generation (ARB) capability, as part of M+P international's Digital Acoustic Control System (DACS).

The DACS will be used to configure and control servo-hydraulic and electromagnetic modulators, and acquire data from up to twenty-four individual microphones for testing NASA's space vehicle.

The VT1432B's scalable onboard DSPs, multi-channel independent 24-bit digitizers, and comprehensive transducer signal conditioning ensure high precision, gap-free data.

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