NCI introduces GoLogicXL logic analyzers -

NCI introduces GoLogicXL logic analyzers

Newcomb Company Inc. (NCI) has introduced its latest GoLogicXL 36 and 72 channel logic analyzers with GHz sampling rates, sample depths up to a billion samples, and advanced triggering capabilities. At only 100mm x 145mm x 42mm and 608g (3.9” x 5.7” x 1.6”, 22 oz.), the GoLogicXL offers state-of-the-art sampling and probing options. All GoLogicXL models are available for immediate shipment and prices range from $2,700 to $7,900 plus probe costs.

Sampling rates range from: 9 channels @ 4 GHz , 18 channels @ 2 GHz across, 36 channels @1 GHz, or 72 channels @ 500 MHz. State clock frequencies up to 300 MHz are supported. Sample depths range from 134 million samples using 72 channels to 1 billion samples using 9 channels.

Standard features for all models include: Transitional Timing, Glitch triggering and capture, 4 GHz SuperView overlay, serial bus triggering and decode for 1-wire, CAN, I2C, I2S, LIN, SPI / Microwire / µ-wire, SPI Multi-IO, UART, and generic bit-streams. Mixed signal analysis can be accomplished by triggering a digital storage oscilloscopes with the analyzer and then viewing the analog data aligned with logic analyzer waveforms in the GoLogicXL software. The GoLogicXL software can be customized for proprietary buses via the Plugin Development Kit. Alternatively, the Software Development Kit allows users to create custom programs that control the GoLogicXL hardware.

Probing options include low-capacitance flying lead sets, Mictor connector probes, and PinPoint (SoftTouch compatible) connectorless probes. Input voltage swings small as 300mv can be captured.

Channels and memory are upgradable. Input probes are purchased separately.

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