NCT's Bluetooth software cancels ambient noise -

NCT’s Bluetooth software cancels ambient noise

Noise Cancellation Technologies' (NCT) ClearSpeech Xtreme software enables Bluetooth headsets and mobile phones to be used in extreme environments such as disco's, football matches, motor racing circuits, construction sites and airports.

NCT's ClearSpeech Xtreme uses a special technique that uses two microphones, one to pick up the speech, the other to pick up ambient noise. Using the processing power of a digital signal processor (DSP), the noise is removed from the voice signal, enabling clear speech to be heard at the receiving end of the communication.

Either integrated into audio chips or into customer software applications, NCT's 'ClearSpeech' technologies remove background noise and acoustic echo, to enable human listeners and voice recognition systems to hear the talker with optimum clarity.

The ClearSpeech Xtreme software has been developed for use with Bluetooth headsets and mobile handsets and currently runs on Analog Devices DSPs, TI DSPs and is being ported to the Cambridge Silicon Radio's Bluecore platform.

The technology is also available in fixed and floating point ANSI C code for porting to other platforms as well as general purpose CPU's such as the ARM.

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