NEC and KPIT Cummins collaborate on AUTOSAR 3.0 solution -

NEC and KPIT Cummins collaborate on AUTOSAR 3.0 solution


LONDON — NEC Electronics Corp. and KPIT Cummins have released an AUTOSAR 3.0-compatible software package for a selection of hardware platforms.

“We have been continuously seeking to build and offer solutions that speed up and simplify AUTOSAR integration. We expect our AUTOSAR R3.0-compatible solution to further help suppliers in making seamless transition using their well-tested legacy systems,” said Anup Sable, vice president, Automotive & Allied Engineering, KPIT Cummins (Pune, India).

The software package includes AUTOSAR Basic Software and a comprehensive tool chain, and was developed in close cooperation between the two companies.

An automotive supplier will receive all hardware-independent AUTOSAR basic software modules from KPIT Cummins including the operating system (OS), memory management and communication functions for FlexRay systems, CAN and LIN bus systems.

In addition, KPIT provides an intuitive user interface (UI) tool suite facilitating AUTOSAR needs in terms of ECU configuration.

NEC Electronics supplies the specified AUTOSAR microcontroller abstraction layer (MCAL), which is completely optimized on hardware from NEC Electronics and acts as an interface between the Hardware-independent basic software and hardware.

“We are convinced that our collaboration enables us to support our customers with innovative and efficient AUTOSAR solutions today and in the future,” said Hiroaki Kaneko, general manager, Automotive Systems Division, NEC Electronics Corp.

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