NEC MA3 mixes performance and peripherals -

NEC MA3 mixes performance and peripherals

At 80MHz, the V850E/MA3 microcontroller runs faster than any other device with embedded large flash and mask ROM in NEC Electronics' 32-bit V850 microcontroller family.

In addition to its operating frequency, the V850E/MA3 microcontroller achieves its 1.1 MIPS performance by providing up to 512KB of ROM and 32KB of RAM.

The company expects the chip's onboard peripherals to appeal to developers seeking to reduce the need for additional components in their applications. The peripheral set includes a timer function capable of controlling a 3-phase motor, a 5Mbps asynchronous serial interface, a 10MHz clocked serial interface, an I2 C bus interface, a 10-bit A/D converter, and an 8-bit D/A converter.

The microcontroller can serve a variety of applications requiring real-time processing, including printers, networked consumer appliances, digital audio/video systems, inverter motor controllers, and industrial equipment.

To support applications that must process large amounts of data, such as printers and digital A/V equipment, the V850E/MA3 microcontroller uses an on-chip memory controller and a 50MHz external bus to provide an interface to up to 512Mb of off-chip SDRAM.

The V850E/MA3 microcontroller also offers a debugging control. By connecting to an N-wire in-circuit emulator (ICE) unit via the V850E/MA3 microcontroller's JTAG-based debugging interface, designers can check and debug a program while the chip is mounted, enabling the economic construction of a software development environment.

Production quantities of the V850E/MA3 microcontroller are available starting at $8.50 up to $11.50.

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