NEC samples single-chip USB 2.0 host and peripheral controller -

NEC samples single-chip USB 2.0 host and peripheral controller


Santa Clara, Calif.—NEC Electronics America Inc. is sampling an integrated USB 2.0 host and peripheral controller (part number µPD720150) designed to enable high-speed digital data sharing among various electronic products, such as digital cameras and printers.

On a single chip, the µPD720150 integrates communications functions that formerly required separate USB host and peripheral controller chips, helping to reduce device count and conserve board space. The µPD720150 is a member of NEC Electronics' ECOUSB series of USB devices, which are manufactured with eco-friendly materials that serve to minimize environmental impacts. The µPD720150 chip further helps to minimize environmental impacts by employing advanced power management techniques that can reduce power consumption in end products.

Technology developed for NEC Electronics' ECOUSB series of low-power USB products reduces power consumption in standby mode by completely stopping the clock when USB functions are not in use, and then activating the clock in response to an external signal event. In addition, an integrated regulator reduces the internal voltage from 3.3 V to 1.5V to lower operating power consumption without requiring additional devices.

The controller executes high-speed data transfers at rates up to 480-Mbit/sand also supports rapid software development by providing basic USB functions that have been implemented in hardware, in addition to a general-purpose CPU bus interface that enables connection to a variety of embedded CPUs.

Pricing: Starts at less than $6 in 10,000-unit quantities.
Availability: Now in sample quantities; volume production of 500,000 units per month will begin in August 2008.
Datasheet: Click here.

NEC Electronics America Inc.,

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