Need to know - a quick update on industry announcements and events -

Need to know – a quick update on industry announcements and events


Here's a quick look at a few industry announcements from last week beyond those we recently featured in Embedded's news and products sections:

Imagination Technologies (Imgtec), makers of MIPS processor cores and PowerVR video cores, is featuring a giveaway of 15 reference tablets built around their CPU and GPU cores. In addition, the company is offering a free WebGL SDK able to run out of the box on devices equipped with MIPS CPUs or PowerVR GPUs. The promotion is intended to highlight the availability of Firefox OS on the Imgtec reference platform

NXP Semiconductors announced its JN5169 wireless microcontroller, targeting smart home and smart lighting systems . The MCU is part of NXP's application solution that also includes certified ZigBee LightLink, Home Automation, GreenPower software stacks and an NFC-commissioning option that allows users to connect systems intuitively with just one tap. The JN5169 MCU includes an on-chip +10dBm power amplifier that doubles the connectivity range of NXP’s existing smart home products. ZigBee 3.0 and Thread ready, the JN5169 also features a new toolchain for software development that achieves as much as a 15% code size reduction. NXP also announced three new design references for white, tunable white and RGB(W) color lamps. 

Other key features of JN5169 include:

  • 14mA receive current allowing to reduce the standby power of bulbs down to an ultralow 100mW
  • Only 20mA transmit current at +10dBm which is at least 40% lower than other products in the market thus maximizing battery life of wireless nodes
  • The use of low cost 85°C crystals for smart bulbs instead of more expensive 125°C specified crystals enabled by innovative circuit and software techniques

The prpl Foundation announced the formal organization of its Security PEG (prpl Engineering Group). The new Security PEG will define a security roadmap to get from today's software-virtualized solutions to full hardware supported virtualization, enabling multi-domain security across processors (CPUs, GPUs, NPUs), heterogeneous SoCs and systems built on these technologies including connected devices, routers and hubs. In addition, the Security PEG will define necessary open APIs for various levels of the security stack.

Mentor Graphics announced HyperLynx SI – a tool for power-aware signal-integrity simulation , particularly important for accurate modeling of high-speed parallel links such as DDR3 and DDR4. The new tool includes a DDRx wizard for quickly examining DDR2/3/4 and LPDDR2/3/4 designs. Hyperlynx SI joins Mentor's Hyperlynx suite of PCB analysis tools. Mentor is also offering a white paper on DDR4 correlation with more details on the tool's operation. 

Gumstix announced its Overo STORM-Y COMs — a connectivity add-on targeting IoT gateway applications . Based on the Texas Instruments WiLink 8 combo connectivity module, the Overo STORM-Y COMs provide 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi with Access Point mode and  Bluetooth 4.1 with BLE, allowing it to serve simultaneously as client and host.

If you missed it, be sure to take a look at last week's update

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