Neil Armstrong, Servo Actuators, real-time P-S and UML -

Neil Armstrong, Servo Actuators, real-time P-S and UML

At the recent Freescale Technology Forum Astronaut/engineer NeilArmstrong gave the keynote on how “Designfreedom spurs engineering innovation“. As examples of the benefitsof design freedom he mentioned such key historical efforts such as thelaying of the transatlantic cable and the key role that Bell Lab'sIvory Tower group played in the growth of technology in the UnitedStates.

But his theme could just as easily been illustrated from theelectronics and embedded industries, with examples such as theinvention of the microprocessor, DRAM, SRAM, operating systems,languages such as C, C++, Java and high level design tools.

The web site daily is full of examples of theinnovation that the design freedom he talked about makes possible:

Usingsimulation software to simplify DSP-based Electro-Hydraulic ServoActuator Designs: Part 1
Buildinga effective real-time distributed publish-subscribe framework Part 1
Howto use UML in your SoC hardware/software design: Part 3
Issoftware the new hardware?
Globalteams rock around the clock
ReconfigurableJava processor rolls out

It is interesting to think about what examples from our present timemight be pointed to by the first engineer/astronaut to visit anextra-solar star system 50 or 75 years from now.

What do you think?What are the examples you would choose?

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