Network analysis research wins measurement prize -

Network analysis research wins measurement prize


LONDON — Five engineers have been awarded the IEE Measurement Prize for their recent work that has successfully solved the traceability ‘problem’ for measurements at RF and microwave frequencies.

Nick Ridler, Andrew Morgan, Dr Richard Dudley from NPL, Ian Instone from Agilent Technologies and Stewart Wylie from BAE Systems received a medal, certificates and £1000 in cash, a prize that was sponsored by The National Physical Laboratory.

The prize is awarded in recognition of an outstanding single contribution or for a body of work over a period of time, which promotes science, art and the practice of measurement using electrical, electronic or electromagnetic techniques.

The team developed a facility that provides primary national standard levels of accuracy for network analyser measurements at any suitable end-user location. The facility uses the Internet to achieve this traceability by enabling end-users to implement national standard measurement methods using their own equipment (including standards) at their own chosen location.

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