Network Attached Storage On-A-Chip (NASoC) Solution Gets Embedded -

Network Attached Storage On-A-Chip (NASoC) Solution Gets Embedded


Broadcom Corporation announced that Maxtor Corporation has adopted its NASoC storage processor to develop new small office/home office and home networking storage products. Beginning with the Maxtor Shared Storage solution announced today, the new products take advantage of Broadcom's bundled software and Maxtor's intuitive user interface that establishes new benchmarks for ease-of-use and ease-of-installation.

Maxtor selected the Broadcom(R) BCM4780 NASoC (network attached storage on-a-chip) storage processor that integrates multiple high-end storage features and enables products based on the chip to feature simple installation and high performance storage expansion at very cost-effective price points. Customers can build on bundled software from Broadcom, giving them time-to-market advantages not available with competing solutions.

“Maxtor is continually seeking technologies that complement our advanced storage capabilities,” said Stacey Lund, Executive Director of Maxtor's Branded Products. “Joining with Broadcom underscores our commitment to bring elegant, intuitive storage solutions to customers with the simplicity, reliability and value they expect.”

“Broadcom's networking expertise and storage processor products result in a powerful combination of technologies that enable a new class of devices to bring high-end storage features to consumer markets,” said David Murray, Director of Business Development for Broadcom's NASoC products. “The Maxtor Shared Storage solution is a powerful example of the products we expect our solution to help produce, resetting expectations for storage technology in the home and for small businesses.”

Products based on the BCM4780 NASoC solution are capable of offering functionality that was previously only available on equipment costing several times as much. Adding a Broadcom-enabled network storage unit to an existing Ethernet-based home network allows users to share files; gain “always-on” access to data, regardless of whether or not other computers on the network are active; and to easily add additional storage to the network that may be shared by connected PCs.

For more information about the new Maxtor Shared Storage solution, please visit the company's website.

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