Network controller offers high-speed transmission, open-source firmware -

Network controller offers high-speed transmission, open-source firmware


The S1S60000 series of network controllers enable easy, inexpensive networking. The latest addition, the S1S60020, features high-speed transmission and open-source firmware. The S1S60020 is over five times faster than existing models, thanks to hardwiring of network processes, larger memory capacity, and Epson's newly-developed RISC processor, the S1C33PE.

Epson provides the firmware supporting the protocols that are necessary for network connections for downloading to the S1S60020 from the host CPU or an external flash ROM. This approach lets the host CPU utilize TCP/IP and other networking capabilities by sending just simple commands and data.

Even without a host CPU, it provides networking using a UART and built-in Ethernet-serial conversion. The S1S60020 uses the media independent interface (MII) to communicate with and control the physical layer, so connecting an MII-compatible chip quickly and easily provides the embedded application with 10BaseTX/100BaseTX capabilities. No license fee required for operating system or protocol stack firmware. For more information, go to

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