Network firms form software-defined networking OpenDaylight Project -

Network firms form software-defined networking OpenDaylight Project


Under the auspices of the Linux Foundation, 18 companies formed the OpenDaylight Project ,  an open source framework targeted at creating what they call a more open and transparent approach to Software-Defined Networking(SDN).

It is an effort to bring a sense of focus and commonality to the network switch and router market which two years ago was thrown into turmoil by the introduction of the Open Flow open source framework backed by the Open Networking Foundation , Big Switch Networks, Brocade, Cisco, Citrix, Ericsson, IBM, Juniper Networks, Microsoft, NEC, Red Hat and VMware are founding Platinum and Gold members of the Project.

They will donate software and engineering resources for this open sourceframework (Figure 1, below ) and help to define the future of an open SDN platform.

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The OpenDaylight Project has as its aim a commitment to furthering adoption of SDN as well as accelerating innovation on top of the platform in new and differentiated ways in a vendor-neutral and open environment.

OpenDaylight will work to provide an open source platform for products and technologies that expand the intelligence of underlying network infrastructure.

The first code from the OpenDaylight Project is expected to be released in 3Q13 and expected donations and projects include an open controller, a virtual overlay network, protocol plug-ins and switch device enhancements. A variety of companies and organizations are already proposing contributions or considering open sourcing key technologies that will be reviewed by the OpenDaylight Technical Steering Committee (TSC) for possible inclusion in the project.

Arista Networks is contributing software and architectural expertise in building large-scale cloud environments and Big Switch Networks is planning to contribute open source elements of its Open SDN Suite, including controller code, advanced data store with high availability, distributed virtual routing service applications, network virtualization, network overlays, and other applications.

Brocade has submitted proposals for elastic, on-demand services that span the data center and range from storage networking to Ethernet fabric, virtual routing and Layer 4-7 services.

Cisco has contributed controller technology to the Project including an Application Framework and Service Abstraction Layer (SAL) with support for southbound plug-ins to communicate with network devices using various protocols including OpenFlow as well as integration of controller applications as modules, and a set of REST APIs that expose the controller capabilities.

Citrix is contributing an application controller that integrates Layer 4-7 network services for enabling application awareness and comprehensive control into the OpenDaylight Project as well as a plug-in for OpenDaylight into the Apache CloudStack project.

Ericsson’s contribution will be software and networking expertise to create a common, open SDN platform, focused particularly on flow management and service state controls.

IBM intends to submit an open source version of its Distributed Overlay Virtual Ethernet (DOVE) technology as its initial contribution. DOVE is designed to work on top of existing network infrastructures to help simplify the process of setting up, managing and scaling virtual networks for faster and more flexible delivery of cloud, analytics, mobile and social business services.

Juniper Networks is contributing a number of technical elements including XMPP client and server protocol code and a flexible data model. By the second quarter of this year, NEC intends to propose its Virtual Tenant Networking (VTN) model and application, which enables users to create and manage multi-tenant virtual networks.

Also, Nuage Networks will contribute technologies and expertise that will allow an OpenFlow system to match the operational expectations of large-scale cloud service provider and PLUMgrid will contribute in the area of Virtual Network Infrastructure.

Linux provider Red Hat is expected to build and deliver an SDN solution integrated with OpenStack, Linux and KVM.  Additional products and code offerings from other companies, academia and individuals are expected to follow, and code donations are welcome on an ongoing basis from the open source developer community.

Licensed under the Eclipse Public License (EPL), OpenDaylight will be available as an operating system independent set of tools and building blocks so that it can be ported to multiple platforms.

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