NETWORKING: 10GbE Framer/Mapper/PHY devices speed Multi- Service Transport and Metro/Long Haul Optical -

NETWORKING: 10GbE Framer/Mapper/PHY devices speed Multi- Service Transport and Metro/Long Haul Optical

San Jose, Ca.. Applied Micro Circuits Corporation, a global leader in optical transport, embedded Power Architecture processing, and storage solutions announces Yahara, a new series of devices for next generation optical network physical layer solutions supporting 10-Gigabit Ethernet, Metro, and Long Haul network applications.

The Yahara devices are designed specifically for the highly-integrated, low cost and low power requirements of Multi-Service Transport, Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) and Metro/Core switch router applications.

According to Sandeep Gupta, Vice President, Engineering and Marketing for transport products at AMCC, the new fifth generation of integrated local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), and optical transport network (OTN) silicon devices build on its MetrON product family by extending Edge and Metro Carrier Ethernet features into Metro and Long Haul Optical Network applications.

As carrier service providers continue their migration away from traditional SONET/SDH based services to lower cost 10G optical services, he said, it is necessary for telecom OEMs to build flexible and cost-effective platforms to map exploding volumes of Ethernet traffic directly onto optical transport networks.

By offering three packages supporting 10G “AnyRate” protocols, the Yahara is ideally suited for a variety of blade applications including 10G client/line cards, 10G transponders/muxponder cards, 10G regenerator cards, and 40G to 100G muxponder applications.”

The Yahara product family integrates 10GbE/10G Fibre Channel (FC)/8G FC/OC-192/STM-64 to OTU-2 mapping services, FracN clock synthesizing circuitry, Electronic Dispersion Compensation (EDC), GFEC/Enhanced FEC, and 10G serdes functions in a single device.

The Yahara S10123 is designed for 10G OTU-2 client/line tributary Metro Ethernet and Switch/Router applications. Its flexible system interface supports XAUI/SFI4.P2/SFI-5s protocols and enables the direct connection to network processors, 10G Ethernet switches, 10G framers and 10G MACs. Yahara's 10G line XFI interface enables the direct connection to XFP and SFP+ optic modules. According to Gupta, this enables telecom OEMs to realize significant power, space and cost savings with the elimination of external Phys.

The Yahara S10123 is packaged in a 19×19 sqmm plastic ball grid array. To learn more, go to

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