Networking chip employs DAA technology for FXO VoIP systems -

Networking chip employs DAA technology for FXO VoIP systems


Irvine, Calif.—Teridian Semiconductor Corp. has developed a pair of networking devices—the 73M1866 and 73M1966—that employ MicroDAA technology or data access arrangement (DAA) functions designed for Foreign-Exchange-Office (FXO) of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) systems.

The 73M1866 and 73M1966 are well-suited for “PSTN lifeline” support for VoIP equipment, small and medium enterprise integrated service routers, converged media gateways, analog telephone adapters, VoIP ” PBX, and residential/CPE gateways. The “PSTN lifeline” function provides telephony service for business continuity and access to Emergency 911 in the event of a VoIP equipment failure. The 73M1866 provides the majority of the circuitry to connect PCM- formatted voice channels to a PSTN via a two-wire, twisted-pair interface. This single 8mm x 8mm QFN package provides best-in-class return loss, EMI and Common Mode noise performance, resulting in superior voice quality, according to the company.

The ability to support host-side power makes the 73M1866 independent of PSTN loop variations, generating robust performance in any deployment environment. The product uses an inexpensive common pulse transformer that forms a digital isolation barrier, transferring both power and data to the PSTN line side components.

This technology is also available for extended isolation requirements as a chipset, the 73M1966. The result is reliable performance in the presence of EMI and line voltage variations.

Pricing: Available upon request.
Availability: Volume production.
Product briefs in PDF format: 73M1866 and 73M1966.

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