NETWORKING: Digi releases high performance embedded device server -

NETWORKING: Digi releases high performance embedded device server

Minnetonka, Minn. – Digi International has just debuted its new Digi Connect ME 9210, a high performance embedded device server for adding secure Ethernet connectivity to embedded devices.

According to Larry Kraft, senior vice president of global sales and marketing,Digi International, the ME 9210 incorporates a 75 MHz ARM9 processor, and 8MBRAM and 2 or 4 MB Flash. It also features the most peripheral interfacesincluding serial, SPI, I2C, GIO, CAN, 1-wire and integrated Flexible InterfaceModules (FIMs). FIMS provide custom interfaces for tailoring the module tothe users' exact application needs.

He said the ME 9210 is the first embedded module to feature an integrated, NIST-certified AES accelerator that provides secure network communication with SSL/TLS and IPsec protocols.

The accelerator encrypts and decrypts data streams up to 10 times faster than a software-only solution and provides strong data privacy for any customer information stored or transmitted by the module.

The Digi Connect ME 9210 also features power-over-Ethernet (PoE) support to allow the design of devices that require no external power, and Digi Dynamic Power Control, a complete set of hardware and software features for product designs that demand low-power consumption and advanced power management.

Based on Digi's recently introduced NS9210 ARM9 microprocessor, the DigiConnect ME 9210 will support the extended lifecycle of embedded products.The NET+OS operating system includes support for advanced secure networking protocols such as IPv6, SNMPv3 and SSL further supporting long-term usability.

The Digi Connect ME 9210 is pin-compatible and interchangeable with thecurrent Digi Connect ME. Digi Connect ME 9210 JumpStart Kits for NET+OSare available now for an introductory price of $399. Module pricing isavailable through an authorized Digi distributor. To learn more, go to

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