NETWORKING: Power comes to advanced storage systems -

NETWORKING: Power comes to advanced storage systems

Sunnyvale, Ca. – AMCC has unveiled its strategy to drive advanced storage solutions into residential and enterprise applications with complete reference designs encompassing all the hardware, software and enclosure components needed to accelerate time to market.

According to Gopi Sirineni , AMCC's Vice President Consumer and SMB Business, the network topology in the home is quickly evolving toward a centrally-located NAS server providing highly available and easily accessible connectivity amongst existing devices such as PCs, DVRs and MP3 players and new classes of devices such as networked televisions and portable media players.

To provide developers with the resources for this transition, he said, is providing a NAS reference design built from its Power Architecture SoC devices that family feature 1- to 4-disk configurations based on AMCC Power Architecture embedded processors.

The reference designs provide such features as Gigabit Ethernet with TCP/IP acceleration, PCIe ports, USB 2.0 ports, and SATA-II support, along with a storage-optimized software platform offering NAS OEMs a cost-competitive configuration. The platform delivers the fastest I/O performance in its class based on multiple industry-standard NAS benchmarks.

The NAS-optimized open source software integrated into AMCC reference designs includes a Samba file system, TCP offload acceleration for optimal network performance, and a multiple device (MD) driver with hardware RAID support.

Designed from conception to enable turn-key solutions, the AMCC NAS reference designs include management path software, schematics, layout files, Linux', and U-Boot firmware.

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