NETWORKING - Tiny Linux networking server enables low-cost edge computing -

NETWORKING – Tiny Linux networking server enables low-cost edge computing


Irvine, Calif. – Lantronix, Inc. has launched XPort Pro, which the company touts as the world's smallest Linux networking server. XPort Pro deploys advanced applications at the network edge, and comes in an integrated, thumb-sized package. The XPort Pro is the latest addition to the Lantronix line of embedded Ethernet networking and compute modules.

The XPort Pro's advanced architecture, 32-bit processing power and ample memory allow resource-intensive applications to be deployed on a single platform. Advanced networking and security features enable machine-to-machine (M2M) edge computing with unlimited customization and application hosting, providing developers with faster time-to-market and unprecedented application development options.

XPort Pro is available running Linux and IPv6, providing Linux developers with a tiny, powerful compute platform, along with an industry-standard development environment.

The new server provides over five times the processing power and 32 times the memory of its predecessor. It also features SSH and SSL security and encryption, and supports a variety of protocol conversions.

XPort Pro is available with the feature-rich Evolution OS turnkey operating system and software development kit. This product also includes Lantronix' patent-pending Virtual IP (VIP) Access technology, which allows seamless integration with the company's ManageLinx remote services enablement platform.

XPort Pro simplifies the iterative process of designing and testing of an embedded compute and networking platform, in many cases eliminating the need for other processors. With Linux on board as well, developers can focus on their core competencies to bring a product to market quickly, without having to learn a new operating system and development environment.

Integrating ManageLinx VIP Access in the product makes it easy for designers to create solutions that work behind firewalls without the need for a VPN.

For a limited time, Lantronix is offering free XPort Pro evaluation kits to qualified customers.

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