NETWORKING - Version 2.0 of Managelinx boasts higher performance and flexibility -

NETWORKING – Version 2.0 of Managelinx boasts higher performance and flexibility


Irvine, Calif. – ManageLinx 2.0 from Lantronix, Inc., is the latest version of the company's secure, remote access solution, providing access to firewall-protected devices via the Internet.Using the company's Virtual Device Network (VDN) technology, ManageLinx enables users to create Virtual IP (VIP) connections between any two points on the Internet without changing the network configuration or application software. VDN allows administrators to restrict access to specific IP addresses, ensuring access to only predetermined devices.'This is an important feature for service personnel who need to securely monitor, manage and control remote devices.

The new version includes customer driven, enterprise class enhancements in flexibility, performance and manageability. Administrators can configure multiple devices with the new command line interface (CLI), greatly improving ease of use and efficiency.

Automated backup and recovery operations help reduce staffing hours and cost. The new auditing capability facilitates collection and reporting of significant events on the system, aiding in security compliance.

ManageLinx is easy to deploy and enables service organizations such as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and managed service providers (MSPs) to extend their own remote product service offerings to customers.

ManageLinx 2.0 incorporates security features ideal for hosted environments, allowing MSPs to target multiple organizations without incurring additional capital equipment costs.

With ManageLinx, service providers can monitor equipment, diagnose problems, and perform service repairs from a remote location.'Virtually every function that once required the physical presence of a technician behind a firewall can be done with ManageLinx.

The new version of ManageLinx provides seamless integration with the DeviceLinx and SecureLinx network enablement products. This includes the recently released XPort Pro device server and the SpiderDuo KVM (keyboard video mouse) over-IP solution.

With DeviceLinx, virtually any piece of existing or legacy electronic equipment can be managed over a network. When used in conjunction, DeviceLinx and ManageLinx 2.0 comprise a holistic, remote device management and control solution, resulting in a reduced number of physical service calls.

In a recent survey commissioned by Lantronix, 31 percent of US businesses reported plans to cut energy costs and lower carbon footprint by reducing truck rolls in 2009. ManageLinx is an ideal solution for these organizations.

ManageLinx 2.0 is available now.'For more information visit'For an evaluation kit, contact .

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