New BECA chairman calls for flexibility in standards -

New BECA chairman calls for flexibility in standards

London, UK — Future ESD standards will have to be flexible according to the new chairman of the British Electrostatic Control Association, Dr. Jeremy Smallwood managing director of Electrostatic Solutions. He has taken over from Peter Ashburner who had held the post for 15 years while Graham Dellow of Performance Panels is the new vice chairman.

“The challenge for an increasingly diverse modern industry is to provide effective ESD prevention that is appropriate to the devices and manufacturing technologies in use. Future ESD standards will have to allow the flexibility to define appropriate ESD measures in each manufacturer's facility, said Dr Smallwood. “There is an opportunity for BECA to actively participate more in developing and communicating ESD standards, advising and communicating with users, and providing a feedback path for industry experience to the standards developers. “

Active in British Standards development and Chairman of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) TC101 (Electrostatics), Dr. Smallwood is also a member of the IEE and a past chairman of the Electrostatics Group of the Institute of Physics.

Dr. Smallwood said, “Since BECA was formed in 1986 it has done much to raise the awareness of the dangers of static electricity in the electronics industry, particularly because of the continuing trend of miniaturisation of components and circuits, which make these products even more susceptible to ESD. Led by Peter Ashburner, BECA has achieved a well-deserved reputation for promoting best practice in ESD protection in electronics manufacture, especially through its technical seminars. The need for good quality ESD information, awareness and understanding is ever more necessary in modern electronics manufacture.”

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