New Bluetooth qualification tools simplify product development -

New Bluetooth qualification tools simplify product development

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) recently announced some new tools to simplify Qualification, the process that Bluetooth device makers undergo to certify their products and components. The new tools are part of an updated Qualification Program, which aims to assure better interoperability and verify conformance to the Bluetooth spec. From an industry perspective, the program facilitates more efficient development of Bluetooth devices by automating much of the qualification process.

The new elements consist of improvements to existing tools as well as some completely new developed additions: the program reference document (PRD 2.0), the profile tuning suite (PTS), the online test-plan generator (TPG), and the qualification listing interface (QLI). The PRD 2.0 gives members the ability to self-declare that their product is qualified in lieu of going through a Bluetooth qualification body.

The PTS serves as a reference test system for Bluetooth profiles and protocols. The TPG provides companies with a test plan directly accessible from the web so they can complete the process online. The QLI is the new web interface where members will list their products after completing the qualification process in accordance with the PRD 2.0.

For more information on the updated qualification program, SIG members can visit Others can find more info at

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