New C cross-compiler and debugger for ARM Cortex devices -

New C cross-compiler and debugger for ARM Cortex devices

ImageCraft‘s ICCV8 for Cortex is a Windows-hosted C cross compiler for the ARM Cortex M devices. ICCV8 for Cortex includes a state-of-the-art IDE, C compiler tools, and integrated debugger. In interfacing with Segger Jlink JTAG/SWD emulators, ICCV8 for Cortex provides seamless flash programming and debugging for all major Cortex M3 devices without complicated driver installation or trial-and-error configuration.

The C compiler accepts C89 Standard C with C99 extensions, and performs device-specific optimizations and function-level global optimizations. The ImageCraft Debugger (IDB) is fully integrated with our compiler and IDE. The IDE is based on Open Source CodeBlocks with modern IDE features such as code folding, project management etc. With ImageCraft’s modifications, there is no need for any linker command file; the user needs only to select the target device by name.

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Another ease-of-use IDE feature is flash programming capability and debugging with Segger Jlink units without installing unusual system software or writing complicated configuration files. A single button click causes the IDE to build the project (if necessary), download the code to the device, and start the debugger.

A 45-day fully functional demo is available on ImageCraft's website . ICCV8 for Cortex is priced at $249 for the STD edition / $499 for the PRO edition (includes IDB.)

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