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New Faces


Just as a new president selects his cabinet, so I have made some changes and additions since taking over editorial control of the magazine. My goal in this has been primarily to strengthen our treatment of emerging technologies and to provide more in-depth coverage of the products that impact our industry. The changes are mostly complete at this point, so it is a good time to introduce you to some of the folks who've recently joined our editorial team.

One thing I've done is to lengthen our list of contributing editors. Contributing editors are folks who manage to contribute to the magazine regularly, even though they develop embedded systems full-time. In addition to providing quality reading material in the form of articles or columns, they serve as editorial advisors to the magazine. Their ongoing involvement in the field and collective broad perspective help us adapt quickly and appropriately to the changing informational needs of embedded developers.

New contributing editors Bill Gatliff, John Canosa, and Niall Murphy have each been writing for us for several years. Bill Gatliff is an independent consultant and an outspoken advocate for open source software. You may remember his series of articles on the GNU development tools or the perspective he offered in favor of open source in a recent point-counterpoint feature article. Bill's experience in these areas will help us understand how and where open source software like Linux is making an impact in embedded design.

John Canosa is the chief scientist at Questra. John has written a number of articles on network protocols and device connectivity for us over the years, going back far longer than the 18 months we've been focusing a section of the magazine on such topics. His front-line perspective on connectivity will help us keep our Internet Appliance Design section focused and relevant as that field evolves.

Because he has also agreed to write a monthly column, Niall Murphy will be more than just an editorial advisor. Niall is a consultant who also teaches private training courses on embedded programming. He is a specialist in the area of user interface design and author of Front Panel: Designing Software for Embedded User Interfaces. Through his “Murphy's Law” column, which first appeared in December, he promises to educate us all on issues of usability, graphics, system safety, and whatever else comes to mind. Niall's column replaces my own, “Connecting…”, as the anchor for our Internet Appliance Design section.

The final member of the team I want to introduce is Alex Wolfe. Alex is officially our editor at large, under which title he acts principally as our news analyst. (He's the senior technology analyst and author of the “Wolfe's Den” column over at EETimes.) In other words, he keeps track of what the vendors are doing and tries to assess the why of it all. Why, for example, is there a renewed interest in VLIW for embedded and system-on-chip processors? Will it last? Those are topics he takes up this month.

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