New Freescale MCUs target smart meters apps -

New Freescale MCUs target smart meters apps


Using its low power ARM CortexT-M0+ processors as the basic building block, Freescale Semiconductor  has just taken the wraps off a family of dedicated MCUs aimed at security and networking support in smart meter applications.

The new Kinetis M series is targeted at lw cost, one- and two-phase smart electrical meters with the Kinetis KW01 supporting sub-GHz wirelessly networking for smart energy designs. The Kinetis M series also includes devices ranging from single-chip solutions for inexpensive smart meters to multichip designs for applications like high-precision metrology.

The M series includes precision analog front-ends that enable power calculations with 0.1 percent accuracy, as well as four 24-bit Sigma-Delta A/D converters and a memory protection unit to prevent hacks, external tamper detection and an on-chip cryptography algorithm.

The series is designed to operate at 120 microAmp/MHz in run mode and the KW01 can reduce run-time current to 40 microAmp/MHz.

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