New HiWave kit supports rapid development of USB-powered consumer audio systems -

New HiWave kit supports rapid development of USB-powered consumer audio systems

HiWave Technologies PLC is launching the company's DyadUSB kit for rapid development of USB-powered consumer audio systems. The new kit provides a complete development environment that enables designers to fully evaluate its DyadUSB platform and components.

The DyadUSB Development Kit comprises two 12 W RMS balanced mode radiator (BMR), full-range speaker drivers in tuned and sealed enclosures, plus a DyadUSB amplifier module featuring HiWave's ultra-efficient Audium amplifier chip. The module is configured to deliver 15 W per channel burst audio from a host USB port's 2.5 W of electrical power.

The DyadUSB module is mounted on a break-out printed circuit board that enables easy connection of the speakers and USB cable. Software is supplied to enable engineers to programme the Audium amplifier chip with equalization (EQ) settings in order to evaluate voicing options and audio effects.

The developers' kit allows each element of HiWave's patented audio technology to be assessed, including enclosure design and tuning. It enables designers to build up their own implementations by integrating DyadUSB components into their products. Design engineers will learn the benefits of combining HiWave's electronic and transducer technologies to create stunning sound quality from very small speakers, powered by a computer's USB port. The solution is aimed at high-end desktop and portable audio applications.

The Audium amplifier chip employs dynamic rail switching and on-chip voltage boost to deliver industry-leading power efficiency, and features on-board digital signal processing for equalisation. HiWave's BMR technology controls modal waveforms to combine flat-panel speaker techniques with pistonic movement. It creates room-filling, life-like sound from a single, small-format speaker driver.

Availability and Pricing
HiWave is now shipping the Audium amplifier chip and BMR speaker drivers in volume. The DyadUSB Development Kit is available at $900.

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This article originally appeared on EE Times Europe.

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