New On Multi 5.0: source code analysis, simulation, distributed build -

New On Multi 5.0: source code analysis, simulation, distributed build


Scheduled for release later this year from Green Hills Software is Version 5.0 of its MULTI IDE with several new features including a source code analyzer, distributed project builder, and a high speed target system prototyping and simulation tool.

The DoubleCheck Source Code Analyzer processes the entire project's source code to find flaws, such as buffer overflows, resource leaks, invalid pointer references, overly complex code (as measured by metrics such as McCabe), and violations of safe language rules such as MISRA 2004.

According to Tom Zavisca, director of engineering at Green Hills Software, DoubleCheck differs from other static analysis tools by virtue of its speedy analysis time and full integration with the integrated development environment (IDE).

Where other static analysis tools are relegated to sporadic use by quality assurance teams, GHS's source code analyzer can be accessed and used by developers at any stage of the development process.

Integrated with the MULTI IDE compiler, DoubleCheck generates reports that can be conveniently browsed with any web client.

Distributed Build and SimulatorZavisca said MULTI 5.0 also has a new distributed build environment that enables developers to take advantage of a site's computing resources, which are often idle and underutilized, to build applications in parallel over the network. Distributed builds often result in immediate build time reductions between 30% and 80%, he said.

Integrated into Version 5.0 is a new simulation has a new prototyping tool that Zavisca claims provides a 10x – 50x performance speed-up over traditional instruction set simulators by employing dynamic binary translation technology. The simulator also has a plug-in DLL architecture that enables the integration of custom peripheral simulations, rounding out a complete system prototyping platform.

Green Hills Software, Inc.
Santa Barbara, Ca.

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