New release of ITTIA DB SQL is loaded with new features -

New release of ITTIA DB SQL is loaded with new features

Version 5.4 of ITTIA DB SQL provides the capability for embedded and mobile applications to distribute data with Oracle, SQL Server, or any other desired back-end enterprise databases, and includes many new features, such as clustered indexes, scrollable SQL cursors, a Python scripting API, and Unicode SQL query strings. ITTIA DB SQL is available on Windows, Linux, Android, QNX, ThreadX, VxWorks, and environments with no operating system.

ITTIA DB SQL now supports Python with a new API for Dynamic Scripting Languages. Python is a high-level interpreted programming language with a friendly syntax and elegant design. Python scripts are easy to read, often resembling pseudo code.

Version 5.4 offers a new option to organize tables in an ITTIA DB SQL database: clustered indexes reduce the file size for many common table definitions. Storing full rows in the clustering index also improves the performance of data retrieval operations on database tables. This unique method allows embedded and mobile developers to save disk space while benefiting from the flexibility of relational data modeling.

Version 5.4 adds core improvements to the ITTIA DB SQL query engine. Applications can reposition a scrollable cursor anywhere in a result set, and then navigate forward and backward. All statements support static cursors, for which the result set remains consistent during each execution. Dynamic cursors expose changes to the result set for supported statements.

Support for Unicode in SQL query strings is another core improvement. ITTIA DB SQL has always supported Unicode types and parameter bindings, in addition to the default encoding of the target system, but now Unicode string literals can also be included directly in SQL queries using UTF-8, UTF-16, or UTF-32 encoding.

Client/server is an optional feature of ITTIA DB SQL that enables multiprocess and remote network access to database files. With this new release, client/server has been optimized for low latency connections, improving performance by several magnitudes. Whether client/server is used to centralize database resources or to support data distribution, ITTIA DB SQL applications will benefit greatly from this optimization.

This release includes full support for synchronization to both send and receive data in a back-end enterprise database, allowing the sharing and communicating of data bidirectionally between a device and a back-end enterprise RDBMS. . In addition, the ITTIA DB synchronization framework can detect and resolve conflicts according to rules defined by the application.

ITTIA provides high-performance embedded RDBMS technology for developers of applications for mobile devices and other embedded systems, and continues this trend with its latest release of ITTIA DB SQL.

A free evaluation copy of ITTIA DB SQL version 5.4 is available. For more information, go here .

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