New SonicsStudio Director GUI eases semiconductor IP integration for heterogeneous multicore SoCs -

New SonicsStudio Director GUI eases semiconductor IP integration for heterogeneous multicore SoCs


Sonics, Inc. has introduced its next-generation SonicsStudio development environment that addresses the integration challenges of complex system-on-chip (SoC) designs that include multiple processor and intellectual property (IP) cores. SonicsStudio Director is a new graphical user interface (GUI) featuring a host of new tools and capabilities for configuring Sonics' IP products. SonicsStudio Director uses an intuitive, visual design paradigm that emphasizes ease-of-use, raises SoC designer productivity, and improves overall quality of results (QoR).

The SonicsStudio Director environment provides fast integration and configuration of Sonics' complete IP product portfolio. It contains several modules that allow designers to easily integrate their chosen IP cores together with Sonics' products within their SoC design flows. SonicsStudio Director streamlines SoC design and validation enabling users to seamlessly interact with tools for SystemC and logic simulation, performance analysis, dynamic and static verification, logic synthesis, power partitioning, top-level chip assembly, and automatic data book creation.

The new SonicsStudio Director GUI presents a familiar Eclipse look and feel with context-sensitive editing that shortens the learning curve while minimizing errors. Starting from a familiar schematic view, SonicsStudio Director summarizes configuration information in powerful tables that support filtering, sorting, and multiple entry capabilities instantly familiar to spreadsheet users – plus interactive copy/paste to external spreadsheet programs. Configuration errors are conveniently summarized in a separate view cross-linked to the error source and with “quick fix” options for common mistakes. The point-and-click interface supports simulation test case creation, stimulus generation, simulation, and performance result visualization.

More experienced users will appreciate the embedded Tcl console, which supports both interactive and batch-mode scripting of all GUI functions and the design flow steps. This powerful capability greatly speeds and simplifies the creation, selection, inspection, and manipulation of portions of a design and the automation of complex “what if” scenarios.

SonicsStudio Director will be available in late June on a subscription basis for Sonics' IP customers. Sonics will also be demonstrating SonicsStudio Director at the Design Automation Conference , June 2-4, 2014 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA.

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