New Telit 3G module delivers HSPA connectivity at high speeds -

New Telit 3G module delivers HSPA connectivity at high speeds


Telit Wireless Solutions will introduce the company’s first 3G-cellular module to employ VQFN mounting technology at this year’s M2M Summit at Congress Center Düsseldorf, September 10th, 2013. The product incorporates a Python Script Language interpreter, and is capable of running customer applications internally without the need for additional electronics. The UL865 module series delivers HSPA data rates of 7.2Mbps down and 5.76 Mbps up and will be available in variants targeted at European and North American markets.

The dual-band UMTS/HSPA, dual-band GSM/GPRS engine in the UL865 SERIES is voice-capable, supporting digital (DVI) interface. It delivers UMTS/HSPA 3GPP Release 7 compliant data communications and is equipped with a high-speed USB 2.0 port, eight I/O ports, two A/D and one D/A converters. For streamlined application development and system integration the company offers RIL drivers for all major operating systems.

The embedded Python script interpreter allows the processing core in the cellular engine to run customer applications and can access a companion Telit GPS|Glonass receiver module directly for a complete tracking device. The UL865 SERIES is ideal for the battery-powered wearable technology segment because of low-power consumption, 24.4×24.4×2.6mm size, and GPIOs operating on battery-friendly 1.8 Volt logic. With the new 3G product in compatible form-factor and interfaces to the 2G GL865-DUAL V3, Telit is also facilitating an upgrade path for applications based on the 2G version of the module that either must become 3G or can benefit from the UL865’s faster data rates.

The UL865 features a VQFN packaging that is fully pad-level compatible with its 2G companion, the GL865-DUAL V3. This compatibility provides developers a simple drop-in migration and technology upgrade path to 3G high-speed performance for designs currently using the GL865 series.

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