New U.K. association to cover whole supply chain -

New U.K. association to cover whole supply chain


LONDON — A new electronic components supply network trade association, The Electronic Components Supply Network for the U.K. and Ireland (ESCN), has been launched to embrace the entire electronic components supply network from concept to end-of-life.

Internal discussions at the U.K's Associaition of Franchised Distributors of Electronic Components (AFDEC) over the last few years led it to establish a working group to investigate the ‘future role of the association’.

Based on its research into the current membership and the emerging needs of the industry, the working group unanimously concluded that the association should embrace the entire electronic components supply network from concept to end-of-life.

At launch ecsn will comprise five Supply network groups:

* Academic and Materials Research;

*Component Manufacturing (semiconductors, passive components, interconnect, displays, power, electro-mechanical, embedded modular solutions),

*Distribution (AFDEC);

*Customers (OEM, ODM, CEM) and;

*End-of-Life / Reuse (last time buy, obsolescence, reuse, disposal).

The intention is that these will be supported by specialist cross functional groups currently: operations and compliance, environmental legislation, financial control and sales and marketing.

“Our objective is to extend the reach of the association over the next five years by fully addressing the needs of our members and building on the solid foundations created by AFDEC over the last 39 years,” said Adam Fletcher, chairman of AFDEC who becomes chairman ECSN/AFDEC. “My primary concern in making this transition is that we do not deprive existing members of the intangible qualities that made AFDEC so ‘special’.”

It is claimed that great care has been taken to structure the new association to facilitate productive, non-competitive collaboration with other industry bodies within the U.K. Electronics Alliance (UKEA) and the International Distribution of Electronics Association (IDEA) but also to ensure that the new association is able to evolve and adapt to meet future changes in the needs of its members and the U.K. and Ireland electronic components market.

“Whilst this is not an ideal economic climate in which to embark on the process of launching a new trade association, I’m confident that the advent of ecsn will help cross-network visibility and provide focus on other pressing industry issues,” added Fletcher. “Encouraging greater collaboration between organisations and providing members with more extensive quality industry intelligence can only help improve their effectiveness and bottom line profitability.”

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