New version of ControlMaestro boasts multiple enhancements -

New version of ControlMaestro boasts multiple enhancements


ControlMaestro 2013 is the latest version of ELUTIONS' SCADA solution for the automation, control-command, and monitoring of facilities/technical infrastructures to improve their operational performance. The new ControlMaestro 2013 version obtained the BACnet Advanced operator WorkStation Certification (according to the BACnet 09) corresponding to the highest level of compatibility recognized in the market.

With more than 160 standard communication drivers available, ControlMaestro allow bidirectional communication between heterogeneous equipment (even from different generations), and offers an open and extensive interoperability. Most standards and communication protocols, including OPC, Modbus, SQL and ODBC, are supported.

ELUTIONS has developed a HTML5 web portal to view, control or modify the lists of data points, alarms and values via a simple web browser, smartphone, or tablet. ControlMaestro 2013 users can monitor and modify an application remotely via a Windows 'Remote Desktop' connection. The software is built to handle mixed architectures, physical and/or virtua,l with a large acquisition capacity.

New alarm systems are available to instantly report any error connecting to the database or the network, to allow fast resolution of faults. Traces files management has been also improved to facilitate the maintenance and secure the application development by providing distinct logs files per sessions.

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