New version of MotionDesk is optimized for advanced driver assistance systems -

New version of MotionDesk is optimized for advanced driver assistance systems


The revised version of dSPACE’s MotionDesk has been enhanced to make developing and testing advanced intelligent mechatronic systems – especially driver assistance systems (ADAS) – faster and more convenient.

MotionDesk’s new rendering engine guarantees a much more detailed and realistic visualization and can render complex scenes at a steady rate of 60 images per second. MotionDesk can simulate the varying weather conditions such as rain and snow. Future releases will provide functionality such as realistic shadows. The versatile design options and a reliable, stable high frame rate ensure realistic simulation.

The new MotionDesk provides everything required for visualization in a single user interface. Scene creation is extremely intuitive with the new 3-D Scene Editor. Users can choose the objects they need from the new, extensive 3-D object library surrounding the scene (with browser and keyword search for speed and convenience) and position them in the scene. The size, position and rotation of each object can be edited however required. Users can also group objects to make their work more efficient, and integrate their own COLLADA- or VRML2-compliant objects.

Migrating projects created with an older MotionDesk version is easy. All existing projects can run directly with new MotionDesk, and users can choose between the conventional and the new 3-D view.

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