New version of PSoC Designer IDE boasts multiple new features -

New version of PSoC Designer IDE boasts multiple new features

PSoC Designer 5.3 is a new version of Cypress Semiconductor Corp.'s Integrated Design Environment (IDE) for the PSoC 1 Programmable System-on-Chip architecture. The new version includes over 30 new or enhanced User Modules, which are free “Virtual Chips” used to integrate multiple ICs and system interfaces into a single PSoC device. Also included in Version 5.3 are multiple new features to make designing with PSoC faster and easier.

Some of the new User Modules in Version 5.3 are a gas-sensing analog front end (AFE), a fan controller, a voltage sequencer, an SMBus slave, and a thermistor interface. These User Modules can be dragged and dropped as icons into a design. They are pre-tested and pre-characterized, and each comes with a datasheet designers can use to customize the functionality for their specific designs. PSoC Designer 5.3 includes over 150 of these User Modules.

Cypress has also added a new auto-routing capability that radically simplifies the creation of systems using PSoC. Additional ease-of-use features include a filterable device catalog, GUI improvements, easier User Module customization, and a project archive capability. Users can download PSoC Designer 5.3 free of charge .

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